There are many variables and variations of permutations, combinations, probability and chances that influences a human living and the journey at large. And even the most brilliant human minds aren’t capable of developing a comprehensive understanding of the absolute truth. I do wonder if there is such a thing called absolute truth ? We know the sun exist, because we see it everyday, but we are still trying to figure it out, and as we know more about the sun, our current understanding of the sun may change over time.

We still don’t have an accurate roadmap of the evolutionary journey of modern day humans. The story is being written, and as we learn more, the story changes reflecting the new reality. So its highly plausible that, there is no absolute truth. And in its absence, what we do have is ideas that we have come up with over time to help us find our answers.

These ideas do not exist in the natural world, but their existence inside our minds as a narrative does feel quite real. When we get overwhelmed and our minds aren’t able to cope then, the idea of leaving the outcome or surrendering to the concept of destiny or fate makes our living much easier. It is how we function, and this process and approach has worked for us so far.

Our minds aren’t capable of calculating all the possible permutations, combinations, probabilities and chances. At least not yet, so we find safety and comfort in resigning to the idea of a possible God or fate, because it keeps us safe and sane. But those who can’t, do run the risk of getting crushed by the sheer gravity and the weight of trying to figure all this out. And I am so glad that such people do exist.

Terrorism, capitalism, socialism, and communism etc do not exist in the natural world. But as ideas they do exist in the human collective. And as a narrative and ideology, these ideas do shape the modern human society. The modern human history has been shaped by the battle of ideas.

All ideas come with a self life ( not to be confused with shelf life ). Upon conception they take a life of their own, and then as a narrative get established inside the neural network of human minds. We develop our bias for them, and pass them on to others including the next generation.

Most of us carry the weight and baggage of our ideas inside our minds, be it the idea of a possible God, or our bias for capitalism or socialism, democracy or autocracy and so on and so forth, possibly without considering a simple fact that, since nothing is permanent then, in that case, change is the only constant.

And therefore, our current structures and systems of governance will need to change and evolve over time to stay relevant. Values and what we value along with our ideas, all come from us, and while we can create a symbiotic relationship with our ideas and narrative, making it part of our identity and who we think we are, we should know at all times that, they are not the absolute truth. Hence, a different opinion is not a threat or an insult.

Some of us are in a symbiotic relationship with the idea of fame, wealth, influence and power etc. And that’s how a large percentage of the modern human society sees success. We live with our ideas everyday, and most of us are living in an established reality that started out as someone else’s ideas, whether it’s the idea of modern economy, nation state, religion, or the concept of fate or destiny. Together they are now part of our established reality shaping the modern human society of today.

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