Going by the daily news headlines, I believe, most of us have started to wonder if the global human society is heading in the right direction. And it’s not easy to see through the chaos and disruption. But this is not an accident, also accidents don’t happen on their own just like that.  There are […]

The modern society won’t be what it is today without entrepreneurs and their enterprise. And we all know that. But most entrepreneurs will also tell you that, their journey wasn’t pleasant at all. And it was quite hard. So the question I do ask is, do we know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, […]

So to better understand the statement “ A Human Body can Teach us a lot about Organisational Management and Team Work “, I believe, we should start this conversation by first understanding the overall structure of a human body, and then its relevance to the topic. Starting with the human body, the best way to […]