On Life ….

– Life is always a work in progress and that’s just a part of the grand design of nature but we humans tend to look for a reason and purpose in every aspect of life and also try to measure the progress through a constant evaluation of where we are in life without realising that our life comes with no guarantee and our existence is governed by the law of nature and while our purpose and reasoning can and do change over time the laws of physics don’t.

– Life Happens in Small Moments,some good and some bad but its how we react to them makes us who we are.


Astrology, Biology, Cosmology, Numerology, Sociology, Physiology, Psychology, Criminology all refer to a study of a particular SUBJECT. And although humanity has happily debated various issues and differences arising from the studies of these subjects and in the process learnt immensely it has GONE TO WAR over IDEOLOGY.

On Pursuit of Happiness  ……

Happiness is a state of mind within YOU and since our state of mind changes constantly every now and then we find ourselves in a pursuit to happiness.

On Failures & SUCCESS ….. 

– Hold dear to your failures for it being your first step towards SUCCESS and be thankful for all what you have learnt. And while FAILURES are the breeding ground for Success, success is a fertile ground for complacency.

– TRAGEDY is not in FAILING but in not being able to learn from Failures

– Failure is a foundation on which you build yourself and an asset that will be yours forever and Success is a not a destination but a process perfected by failures.

 On why I am here ….

We all have questions and since my childhood I’ve always wondered why we are here, what’s life & death, why do we have to go through the cycle of creation & destruction and why do I’ve to participate in it among other things. To find answers I’ve found myself looking to the stars and seeking guidance. There are trillions of stars in our universe and about 275 million of them die everyday and then get recycled. This process is key to the sustainability of the entire universe. We are all made up of recycled stardust and our death is just a part of that recycling process. And our birth is a promise with unlimited possibilities


Change is an inevitable PROCESS and the only constant and so is EVOLUTION. Circumstances make, break and reveal a MAN and those who stand tall through the grinding PROCESS leave behind a lasting LEGACY as heroes but HEROES aren’t born they are ordinary folks made heroic by circumstances.


Everything VIBRATES, we are made up of vibration and energy and so is our UNIVERSE.  Life is Vibration and all of us emit a VIBE which is a projection of our personality, feelings & emotions. Your ” Mojo ” is your Vibe , a plug-in that allows you to connect with others and the world around you. A good and happy vibe will make a good and happy connection and a loop of good and happy connections will create a GOOD & HAPPILY connected world.

On Money and a Man’s worth….

– Money is a tool developed and created by humanity to facilitate exchange & trades. And like many of humanity’s creation it isn’t a perfect tool. Over a period of time as a tool it has evolved taking various names, shape and form. Money is based on Belief & Trust and today it’s value or worth is generally determined by the market. The society has also learnt to measure a man’s worth by money and since the market determines the value of money a man’s worth changes & fluctuates. I wonder why then society tends to measure a man by his net-worth and not self-worth.

– Money has no Nationality and it is what drives the global agenda regardless of your noble aim and like any other man’s creation it is still a wok in progress. And the relationship between a man and money will always be interesting as long as humanity lives on this planet

On Intelligence & Determination …. 

Intelligence is a critical and important tool but we do tend to overrate its role in a man’s life. Our life is a not a quick sprint but a long marathon and it’s our strong determination that helps us get through the challenges we face along the way.

 On Opportunities & Circumstances ….

Opportunity arises from circumstances and how you perceive that opportunity depends on the evolution of your own perception.

Opportunity arises from circumstances and those who make it count are the ones who have the wisdom to grasp it. And our own journey to attaining Wisdom starts with knowing ourselves and also knowing that we know nothing.

On the importance of understanding who we are ….

Your Journey starts with you and finding who you are. Like the clouds let your mind & perspective expand and go beyond limits knowing well that along the way you may come across different types of clouds but the DARK clouds will always give way to the Brighter cluster.

 On Religion & GOD…. 

A Religion is not GOD and also it is not from GOD. It is a belief system and a way of life. God is not in a religion but within you and to find God you will need to start with finding and connecting to the YOU within yourself. And your inner PEACE will serve as the WIFI connection to your God, a connection that will continue to exist and work but will remain invisible to a naked eye.

 On LOVING someone …

LOVING a person isn’t a MISTAKE but loving your own version of that Person generally is.


History is at the mercy of its writers so don’t let anyone else define you in their own version of YOUR history


Future is never Set in Stone and unlike history it is unwritten. It is a journey into the unknown and also a promise of tomorrow but tomorrow is promised to no one yet we always carry a hope with us that tomorrow will come and with it the future.


– I always have more questions than answers. I learn, unlearn and relearn almost everyday. I feel strong yet weak at the same time. I feel lost but somehow able to find myself again. I know being Human isn’t easy and probably never will be but I will keep trying, failing ,learning and trying again.

– Someone once told me ” Sanjeev remember the Universe will always be guiding you to where you are meant to be just keep faith and you will get there “. But as a man of very limited abilities and also cause of the circumstances instead waiting for the guidance to come through I started carving a new road for myself knowing fully well that I didn’t have the wisdom or right judgment skills to pick & choose a best one from the many different available choices. I’ve no idea where I’m meant to be and if the mighty universe is in fact guiding me somewhere but I am surely going to try to be one of universe’s proudest creations.


We were taught in our science class at school that a MATTER is something that is visible, occupies space and has a mass. Simple! but than matter got complicated by ” Dark Matter ” something that is not visible, neither emits nor absorbs light yet makes up over 26% of the total content of our universe. And while we were busy trying to understand dark matter  ” AntiMatter ” came along and now we are figuring out ANTIMATTER but in all this process we have LEARNT to understand that a world does exist beyond the horizon that is visible or known to us and what is UNKNOWN to us today could very well EXIST.

On Economics….

Economics is not an exact science and probably never will be. Using mathematical models to study and measure how individuals or a group of people behave, take decisions , choose to use their resources as a need to achieving a goal or desire among other things and to than analyse and make projections is an extremely difficult task and thus prone to errors. Economic analysis or models are useful tools but they do not accurately reflect the full reality and will continue to have its limitations and this is why possessing wisdom and a good judgement will continue to remain an important set of skills.


I always get confused with ” Save the Earth ” slogans. Earth is a very resilient planet and it has managed to sustain life in some shape or form for over millions of years and it is highly likely that it will continue to do so come what may. The structure of the Earth is extremely complex at its core our planet is as hot as the surface of the sun and it is this complexity that allows the planet to host and sustain millions of complex life. Species unable to adapt to the changes in the environment got replaced by new and diversified breed of species and that’s how evolution works. So clearly what needs saving is not the Earth but the HUMAN civilisation and we as humans do have the ability to save ourselves and prolong our existence on this planet unlike the mighty dinosaurs so our future is in our own hands and the choices we will make going forward.

 On TIME..

Clocks don’t really measure time. Time is defined by what the clocks measure. Time is a part of the fabric that makes our universe. We never really see time but are able to sense it’s passage through the clocks without releasing that it’s the clock that is ticking and not the time. We haven’t managed to find a ticking clock anywhere in the Universe so for all we know our universe could be timeless. Time is more or less an approximate concept and it is not an universal constant. To understand time we will need to understand the universe better and also keep asking ourselves ….why does our universe exist? cause time is a part of the fabric that makes the Cosmos.


 As a kid growing up in India I remember my grandma use to tell us the appearance of a ” Kaag ” ( a specific breed of crow ) at your house is generally considered bad cause a kaag is a bearer of bad news. Also how some animals can sense a bad event before it happens. And I’ve always wanted to explore this ” myth”. So as always I found my reaching out to others seeking answers and in 07 a friend of mine shared with me a story published in a medical journal in New England about a CAT called Oscar who was able to predict death of patients in Steere nursing home & rehabilitation centre. Then I found a similar article on a DOG with an ability to detect various types of cancer by smelling the patients. Also how some mental hospitals were using dogs to help fight depression. While doing research by chance I found a piece of Mayan literature which talks about how a special FEW in Mayan civilisation developed the ability to communicate with animals, earth, air and apparently even the cosmos. All of these has been sitting in my mind as an interesting and intriguing story but it looks like the story is starting to take shape especially when a friend of mine who studies clinical death kindly shared with me his work which concludes that most dying beings including humans emit a chemical smell. And this is very interesting why because ancient mayans, Inca as well as Egyptian literatures talks quite a bit about the smell of a soul leaving the body. These civilisations were extremely advanced and I wonder if one day we will discover that our achievements so far is no match to theirs. Knowledge gets lost over time especially if we aren’t able to pass it on and this is why I strongly believe KNOWLEDGE should be free and openly shared otherwise we will keep holding back our progress and keep creating ” Myths”

On Possessive NATURE of Humanity ….

– I wonder if our Possessive Nature is programmed in the genes or a product of our MINDSET. As we grow, we develop the ability to understand what is ” Mine ” and what isn’t and this understanding generally gets passed on to us by our parents and the society we live in. So with this in mind, I decided to carry out an AUDIT to figure out what is in fact mine ? And here is MY list staring with my country, my religion, my home, my wealth, my family among so many other english prefixes starting with MY. The statement, my country or in other words motherland more or less describes my own sense of belonging to a specific landmass (at least thats how I see it). I know the land  will outlive me and I also know I  can never really conquer the land or the world for that matter because the world existed before me and will continue to exist long after I am gone. So in short, my ownership of my possessions will expire with my own expiration but yes, the laws of the land does allow me to pass the ownership as an inheritance or donate it. But what’s the point of owning something that you can’t take with you ? So the obvious next question is why this thirst or drive to conquer and possess ? All of us including the motherland is a part of ONE BIG living Organism called ” The Universe ” and I wonder if the Universe cares or would care about what land do I come from or what religion I practice or how much money did I make during my life time or did I live a good life ?

Millions of mighty powerful stars die every year and I wonder if they like us HUMANS have this desire to meet their creator who may or not judge them and who keeps a scorecard of their daily activity ? The reality is after the stars die the universe gets busy with recycling them. And with regards to my country and my land, I know nations were created by humans on lands they made their own. The continents have kept drifting and changing for millions of years and will continue to do so. In over 250 million years from now the landmass on our Earth will look completely different and most likely collide with each other creating a ” Mega Continent ” so the landmass I call ” MY country  ” today may or not exist by that time and there is nothing I can do about it. So what’s the point of fighting over land ?

The land we are on or live on now plays an important role in nurturing ,developing and shaping us and I believe it wasn’t created by the Universe to be a private property of humanity. Nation states, religion, culture, money etc are all a product of human creation and thus carry a very strong human influence and will continue to do so. The creation of the modern day humans started roughly around over 2 million years ago and since then humanity has been on an epic journey and I sincerely hope my own little journey won’t be limited  to or get lost in my country, my religion, my wealth , my family and all the other ‘ my ‘ prefixes……

On Humanity…

An ONION is in its layers and so is HUMANITY


All of us live in our minds and it is our mind that runs our lives as the critical operating software. Our minds are like an open source platform that allows us to learn, unlearn, relearn, adapt and evolve. It is infinite and extremely powerful and doesn’t come with a users manual so figuring it out is all about trial and error.

On Good Story….

No One is born to DIE and DEATH is not a destination but a PHASE through which every living thing goes though. And understanding LIFE is not just about being DEAD or ALIVE. Life and the reason or purpose of our creation and existence is a concept that will mostly likely remain aloof from us but may be like every good story the story of EVERY LIFE needs to be told and shared and no good story ever dies.


The only way to TRUST someone is to TRUST them. TRUST is the linchpin around which HUMANITY has built society, culture, nation states, economy and relationship with a fellow human being. Our ability to trust is Natural and is hard wired as a default setting into our system but it gets eroded over time as we make changes to the natural default settings. Time and again Humanity has played smart with TRUST and in the process always paid a heavy price as evident from the recorded human history. A better society, a better world and a better economy won’t happen without TRUST.

On Celebrating the YEARS…..

” YEARS ” as a concept was developed by Humanity and we then learnt to celebrate the arrival of the new year while saying our goodbyes to the passing Year. And this year we will be celebrating the arrival of 2014th year since the birth of “Jesus Christ ” according to Christianity. Based on the scriptures of Hinduism we as HUMAN BEINGS have been around for more or less 4.2 million years and obviously other religions and cultures within Humanity have their own take on the time of the year we are living in or will be celebrating. So we have or we hold different views based on our own school of thoughts which is generally based around our religious beliefs , culture, tradition among other things. And while some of us may change this view over time as a natural process of evolution of our minds and thought process what we can’t change is, who we are and what we are at the core, ” a remarkable creation of the Universe “. So let us also pencil in a day for HUMANITY and let us all celebrate who and what we are irrespective of what year we are living in, our religious beliefs, our nationality among other things because remember JESUS, BUDHA and others who became representatives of God or Gods among Humans by showing HUMANITY a WAY were also HUMANS. Living a HUMAN life in itself is one of toughest challenge at which I fear even our GOD or GODS may fail. So here is Me wishing everyone Human Being ” WELL” and remember our Gods only exist because we Do.


Your ENEMIES are a PRODUCT of your CIRCUMSTANCES, You were not BORN with them and YOU won’t take THEM with YOU when you are GONE. It’s HOW you DEAL with YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES that will DEFINE you and not your ENEMIES.

On Government….

GOVERNMENT as a SYSTEM was created to GOVERN a society, community or a nation state. And how a particular community or a society within a nation state wants to be governed brought about the IDEA of an elected government representing the society and acting on its behalf. To provide governance any government requires a degree of AUTHORITY and this is where the SYSTEM gets tested time and again. Any SYSTEM that is built and based around the involvement and participation of a community or society in general can’t be PERFECT simply because no SOCIETY is perfect so the relationship between governments and the society will continue to remain interesting

On Nature & Religion….

A Religion will not define Me but my deeds will, the basic principle of any religion is based around teaching a Human to be a Good HUMAN. And no HUMAN is ever born to be BAD. We are all created in a WOMB designed by nature where we TAKE and our mothers GIVE. HUMANITY exists cause of Nature and NATURE has NO Religion.

On Your OWN Journey in Life…..

When you are on your own journey in life, you may come across those who may be tempted to define that journey as they see it by tagging or creating and keeping a list of your achievements, accomplishments and what not. And to them I say…to you I’ll always be YOUR VERSION of ME so you can write my history and define me in your version of that history and I care not for what I might have achieved ,accomplished or concurred because you accomplish, achieve or concur nothing on your own. I praise no KING who had to kill his own to concur and accomplish a goal, I praise no God who believes in judging a human’s worth or love. We become the person we are today through our own journey in life and every journey is SPECIAL, and a journey is not measured but experienced.


PEACE has no RELIGION, and being at peace with yourself and the world around you is all about the state of your own mind, and not the state of your religion.

On Tomorrow ….

Tomorrow is promised to no one, and what we have is, here and now. You always feel an emptiness when you lose a near and dear one but you will find a way to carry on. And No one but only you can feel your pain, and you will always be your best hope. So live you must with memories, and cherish the moments you have shared. And don’t ask why someone so dear and young had to go because the answer to that you may never know, what has to happen finds a way. So love and not hate, nurture and not destroy, cherish who and what you have today because tomorrow it may be late.

On Politics …

POLITICS by design is made up of three inherent elements…polls, lies and tricks. And most politicians ( if not all ) make good use of all these three elements, for right or wrong reasons.

On < Right to Ownership > ..

So over time as HUMANS Evolved , we learnt many things and developed many ideas as well as concepts. And quite clearly besides religion, money, Kingdom etc one of the most important concept that kicked started the market economy as we know it today was the idea of ” right to ownership “. And by developing this < right of ownership > idea, Humans learnt to claim ownership over lands, and other natural resources including of water, minerals among other things. And today, Humanity has almost convinced itself that somehow it has the ownership of Earth. But here is a technical question..do we have an agreement with EARTH where the Earth wilfully agreed to pass over the ownership of its resources including lands etc to HUMANS ? Well, the answer to that is a BIG NO…we don’t have such agreement. So basically, we have convinced ourselves that Somehow we are the rightful owners of the land as well as other natural resources that HUMANITY hasn’t created. And since none of other species sharing the planet have protested against our claim, we have carried on as owners.

Using the same principles, Humans learnt to claim exclusivity over GOD or GODS through a concept called ” Religion ” where each a religion claims ownership or exclusivity over GOD but none of these religions have a legally binding agreement with GOD or GODS to represent GOD. And since the GODS haven’t protested, we have carried on with the practice.

So in short, humans are quite good at creating concepts and ideas, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as there are proper disclosures attached to it.

On Belonging…

I asked the SUN, who you belong to but got no response so I asked the MOON, who you belong to, and felt ignored then I asked the Earth, if she belongs to Nature, and I got nothing but silence. Then I asked the Universe, and realised, belonging is a concept of HUMAN creation, created out of the need to claim or be claimed. What Nature creates will eventually get destroyed ,and that’s just how the nature works, we exist not because we belong but belonging is what some of us need to take, to make our own individual journey, a special experience.

On Our Existence…

GRAVITY doesn’t exist but gets created as a by product of CHAOS or in other words disorder, and the level chaos determines the strength or level of gravity. This is more or less a new theory that is gaining ground in the scientific community. Our universe is a prime example of Chaos and disorder, and through science, we are just beginning to learn and better understand how our universe works but it’s a process that involves constant learning, unlearning and relearning. And what seems chaotic to us today might REVEAL its secrets one day.

Nothing is constant, and never will be. Your beliefs and knowledge are just based on what you may have learnt and know today but tomorrow may reveal to you something new. Circumstances triggers EVOLUTION, and evolution is a part of NATURE’s grand design. Nothing exists on its own but gets created through a process. Today, I have no answers to just who and what I am, and where I will be so If you ask to know me, I would say I don’t KNOW me but I do know, I am because the world is, and I am because you are.

In conversation with Nature: Don’t ask me why you are here, and where you have to go. I did not and will not write your story, only you can. Your Journey is always your own, and so is your story. I have always been around, and always will be. All my creations are a part of me , and you will find me in all my creations. You are my creation, and always will be. Seek your answers, and you may find them but seek or create not what you can’t share. Your existence will always depend on you sharing what I have created. And in the end, you will own nothing but just your own journey.
On Our Conflicts…

Our conflicts are of our own creation, and so is our society. What we solve are generally the unresolved ,and the unresolved are what creates our conflicts. We are all born free, and that is what we should all BE.

On Facebook….

I think FACEBOOK is the largest social experiment in modern human history, and also it’s quite clearly the biggest study of HUMANs social behaviour. And here is what I believe ..this social experiment has helped us learn so far.

– most of us like and enjoy connectivity.
– we like to be appreciated and liked by others.
– we like to share and crave feedback. 
– we have opinion on almost anything and everything, we do like to express our opinions if given an opportunity.
– we tend to follow and respect people we like.
– we have the ability to spot pretence and have a soft spot for people who we tend to think are more or less genuine people.
– we like creating communities, and we are in fact a social being.
– most of us like being useful.
– we do tend to have interest in other people’s lives.
– among others

On the SUN….

I burn bright everyday, it’s something I believe, I am designed to do. I burn bright, and die a little everyday, it’s something I believe, I am designed to do. Some call me, the Sun and some ..the Bright Star. I may be known to many by different names, and to many, I may serve a different purpose, and to some, I may be a supreme being .I am to you what you want me to be but I just burn bright, and die a little every day. There is an end to me, and what I do but it’s something, I believe I am designed to do.

 In conversation with these mountains : Don’t wait for the mists to go away and reveal me to you, they come and I always know when they will, to cover me in a blanket of tiny droplets of water floating in the air above and around me. They cool me down with their embrace, and comfort me and in doing so they make me look mysteriously beautiful to you and to your kind. You will go taking this moment with you, and I am glad that through me you found your peace, be it for a moment. May be you will come again when you will need me, and I’ll be glad that you did but for now keep me in your memory, I’ll be here waiting as I’ve always been.

On Silence & Darkness…

Silence is the sound that you don’t hear, and darkness is the light that you don’t see.

On a Land of the FREE..

A land, where a mind is curious, free from bias and prejudice, sees no boundaries or limitations, and able to see beyond self interest, is a land of the Free.

On the Universe…..

The Universe lives through you, and experiences whatever you do. What is infinite can’t be seen or measured, but experienced through imagination. And what you experience is just a moment like many others. Who and what you are, and what will become of you is always a work in progress, but when you learn to experience the universe through you then the ” YOU ” in YOU becomes irrelevant, and that ” YOU ” becomes a story, a journey, a compilation of moments and a manifestation of the universe.



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