To get the “Patient “ i.e. the economy out of intensive care the government in the US has now embarked upon addressing the three BIG issues which it believes are at the forefront of fixing the economy. So what are these three BIG issues? The downturn in the economy, a very sick financial sector and […]

All the talk about Recession and now DEPRESSION can make anyone nervous. Wall Street “ Pros “are making predictions, and in doing so, creating more chaos. Let’s look at the current rallies. One wonders, is this a sustainable rally or a one off, I want to feel good bear market rally. We are seeing markets […]

The markets seem to be questioning the government’s ability to find a workable solution to this current turmoil in other words government’s ability to find a FIX. And this is becoming increasingly evident by the way markets have reacted in the past few weeks. Al though one might say that the market itself is INEFFICIENT […]