Since the financial crisis of 07/08, we have heard so much about, how much and how badly, the banks got their business wrong. And to a large extent, that’s true. Over the years, banks have evolved into a very complex structure, mostly for the need to grow their balance sheet and make profit. And some […]

There is no shortage of opinion in the market today on the current state of affairs of the global economy and most of the commentary as well as analysis seem to be centred around Central banks policies and its overall current impact assessment and on how things may play out going forward. The discussions are […]

Some of my friends and colleagues are busy trying to figure out what could be the shape of the most eagerly awaited recovery. The debate is whether we are going to see a V, W, and U or prolonged I__I shaped recovery.   There are some who are suggesting we are probably going to see a […]

The steep decline in capital flow including the private capital in addition to the falling commodities prices will severely undermine Africa’s growth going forward. We have to keep in mind that a major portion of Africa’s capital flow in the past came from Asian countries China being at the forefront of it. Asian’s FDI flow […]

The hope is that the anxious investors looking out of their foxhole and roaring to go back on the hunt understand that it will take time to reconstruct the financial system because the one we had was pretty flawed and was always prone to boom and bust type events. The other important thing that I […]

To get the “Patient “ i.e. the economy out of intensive care the government in the US has now embarked upon addressing the three BIG issues which it believes are at the forefront of fixing the economy. So what are these three BIG issues? The downturn in the economy, a very sick financial sector and […]

The markets seem to be questioning the government’s ability to find a workable solution to this current turmoil in other words government’s ability to find a FIX. And this is becoming increasingly evident by the way markets have reacted in the past few weeks. Al though one might say that the market itself is INEFFICIENT […]